Powerful and intense in any way of working

A new way of feeling, a new concept.

Its technology makes it unique, 1,200W and 200A.  Eliminate the capacitors and deliver the energy directly and immediately reducing significantly the load and discharge times that produce power losses.

Choose the working mode you choose, you will always have the maximum power and output intensity

Sapphire LS-1200 is really powerful at offer working modes in short and long pulses or in burst mode (FDP) in any of its two pulse modes.

Parameters that identify the high power:

  • 200 Amperes of output
  • Up to 60 Joules/cm2


Depila whatever the scale Fitzpatrick of the client

Sapphire LS-1200 works in short pulses of 15 and 30 milliseconds, below the time of thermal relaxation of the hair, getting a thermal damage in the germinative cells that cause the growth of the hair.

These first types of the Fitzpatrick scale, are until now the most common in obtaining effectiveness with laser hair removal. In them, with the laser Sapphire LS-1200, we can exercise some more extreme hair removal sessions working in short pulses of 15 and 30 milliseconds, obtaining results in up to 4 sessions.

The efficacy is maintained, although increasing the number of sessions, in skins with high density of melanin as types IV, V and VI of the Fitzpatrick scale, in which we must work in long pulses, from 100 to 400 milliseconds.

Demonstration on skins obscure:Play Video

Piece of Hand

Completely redesigned and removable

Ergonomic, relaxing the muscular tension of the arm and the hand in long days. With this new restyling it becomes a lighter and more powerful handpiece when using only 6 standard German diode bars with a total of 1,200 W.

Its new higher and pyramidal tip allows better access to difficult areas and optimizes the cold circuit achieving a working temperature of up to -10 Cº.


Our handpiece has only 630 gr. It is much lighter and more manageable than its predecessor, facilitating the work of the operator.


A complete redesign of the model has allowed us to be more ergonomic in its grip and secure.

Multizone Sport

The Sapphire LS-1200 laser has a contact surface of 17x23mm and an active spot of 10x12mm, measures that allow to safely, homogeneously and quickly perform any hair removal area.


The hand piece of our laser has been redesigned with the aim of sharpening its tip pyramidally, making it more accessible to areas such as the upper lip, the interglute or the perianal area.

The best solution in hair removal with the LS-1200

Decide what mode and what adjustments you need for each treatment

Because nobody better than you knows the skin and hair of your clients, with Sapphire you configure the parameters of the shot to maximize the effectiveness and safety in personalized treatments.

Equipped with a 10 “color LCD touch screen, our laser comes preconfigured to treat the most generic phototypes.

Your remote connection (optional), records the usage statistics and the shots per session or totals. In addition our Sapphire LS-1200 hair removal laser allows the most advanced and demanding users to control all shooting settings. Getting intelligent sessions, parameterized for each type of skin and hair, quickly, safely and accurately, even with the use of gloves.

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