Not only is it a team, but a whole tried and tested system specially DESIGNED TO OBTAIN GREAT RESULTS based on the extensive experience of aesthetic professionals.

BELLACTION is not a complementary treatment to any other. It obtains its results by itself, only with its NATURAL SYSTEM of deep physioactive massage..

It does not need any other treatment to achieve its objective. What really sets it apart from the others are its GREAT RESULTS !, but BELLACTION IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER SYSTEM in cases in which the professional decides to combine it with other treatments.

So far the great results in cellulite have been achieved, “pinching”, kneading, pinching, sucking and dragging … all of them are potentially aggressive with the most superficial layers of tissues and fail to access the deeper layers where it is found. the most rebellious cellulite and musculature, in addition to all of them causing traction on dermis and epidermis with the logical consequence of a stretch of the skin causing the dreaded flaccidity.

If these systems have achieved optimal results so far in the removal of more superficial cellulite, imagine that results can have a team that slides and compresses without causing any traction on the most superficial tissues, generating a compression massage even in the deeper tissues where the most entrenched cellulite and all the musculature.


Deep physioactive massage system. IT IS THE ONLY MARKET SYSTEM THAT WORKS ON ALL SOFT TISSUES, from skin to muscle.

It is the only one that brings us in the same treatment the 5 most demanded results in the cabin. It eliminates even the most unruly cellulite, tones all soft tissues, eliminates retained liquids and inflammation of tissues, remodels and eliminates contractures.

2 SIZES OF MEDIA. The only one capable of reducing an average of 2 sizes without the need to lose weight, while reaffirming, remodeling, eliminating liquids and descontractura.


Unlike other systems that attack and provoke traction on the skin, Bellaction works for COMPRESSION and SLIDING, without causing any traction on any facial tissue, so it is the only system that AVOID AND TREAT FLACCIDITY with surprising results.

It is a system specially designed to facilitate the work of the professional, increasing its results in facials, without causing fatigue or wear your hands.

There is no product on the market of these characteristics, but the most remarkable thing about this system are its results.


Fats: The adipose tissue fulfills its function of retaining lipids as an energy source, causing inflammation in the cell, a considerable increase in the volume of fat, and creating orange peel.

Liquids: Cell membranes become more impermeable due to metabolic imbalance, decreasing the capacity of liquid transmission through them and causing fluid retention.

Toxins: Cell exchange is very limited due to obstruction and compression of the capillary system and lymphatic elimination pathways, the blood does not circulate with fluidity and is saturated with cellular debris. The food of all tissues is very poor in nutrients and oxygen causing atrophy of these.

The benefits of the BellAction Duo equipment

Effective | No pain | No anesthesia | No incisions | No convalescence period | Without post-treatment care

It eliminates the anti-aesthetic volumes in surface and in depth with a very high efficiency, it provides health at all levels and in all the tissues worked, achieving what no other system is able to obtain:

Enhance the aesthetic volumes by working all the muscular tissue, feeding and toning their fibers and recovering their anatomic correct volume, thus achieving that female figure with its balanced anatomical forms.

By not subjecting the skin to any mechanical traction, we have also achieved a smooth, firm skin with a healthy appearance, completely eliminating orange peel skin.

As a result of the work on the muscles during the treatment, the “off-hook” gluteos recover their rounded shape and rise recovering their correct position, abdomen and waist lose volume and gain firmness, the thighs recover their tone and the lost aesthetic volume, achieving the desired feminine forms uniform and balanced.

The BellAction Duo system obtains its results in decreasing volume and size without the need for weight loss, in fact there have been clients who have increased 2/3 kilos during the treatment and have managed to reduce 2 sizes.

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