As we already announced in the news published on October 19, Ópphalo together with Bernat Domene is developing a new team, Bellaction.

Little by little, data from the new Ópphalo team are revealed, which the company will present at the beginning of 2019. It is known, as far as the corporal equipment is concerned, that it incorporates a new function that diminishes the discomfort during the treatment, being the only system of the market that works on all soft tissues, from the skin to the muscle.

Likewise, a watertight handpiece has been obtained, with silent motors of high quality and ergonomically more versatile and practical, with soft supports to minimize the discomfort to the professional.

It is the only one that brings us in the same treatment the five most demanded results in the cabin:

  • Eliminate even the most rebellious cellulite.
  • Tone all soft tissues.
  • It eliminates the retained liquids.
  • Eliminates and prevents inflammation of tissues.
  • Remodels and eliminates contractures.

In short, the new Ópphalo equipment, tested to the last detail by Bernat Domene, is and will be the only one on the market capable of reducing two sizes without the need to lose weight, while reaffirming, remodeling, eliminating liquids and decontracting.