The BELLACTION DUO of SAPPHIRE, evolution of the current ROLLACTION, is a device designed also for facials. Thus the system consists of several treatments and combined therapies:

  • Exfoliation or peeling system.
  • Deep physio-active massage.
  • Sedation massage with vibration.
  • Cryo-active treatment (deep massage plus CO2)

The equipment, also equipped with infrared light, guarantees five results:

  • Toning, enhancing muscle volume.
    Decontracting, decreasing expression wrinkles by Botox effect.
  • Renewal and cellular balance, increasing the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Firming, eliminating toxins, it acquires luminosity and smoothness in the skin.
  • Decongestant, multiplying arterial flow and eliminating venous return and lymph of all tissues.

The deep massage of the facial BELLACTION, with the combined action of carboxiterapia (CO2), favors the activation of biochemical processes in the skin that lead to the repair of the fibers that compose it and is also the perfect ally for the treatment of the sequels of acne.

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