Ópphalo continues to take firm steps in the development of its new equipment, the evolution of the physio-active massage system, which will be presented early next year. It is already an open secret that, unlike its predecessor, the Opahalo team, under the guidance ofBernat Domene, apart from being technologically more advanced, will be prepared for body and facial treatments.

It will have seven programsfor body treatments in aesthetics and therapies and two programs for facial treatments, with two interchangeable watertight handpieces, for body and facial and various heads for the respective treatments.

It shall be a non-invasive system, totally natural, without electrodes, currents, waves, etc., which  shall perform deep mechanical work, by understanding and sliding, without causing any traction on any tissue, so it is the only system that prevents and treats sagging with amazing results.

Sources of the company have confirmed that the name of the team and the system, for now an unknown, will come out of the open brainstorm between employees of the same, customers and even suppliers but it is certain that their action, the action of the team, will make itself felt on the beautiful.