Say goodbye to fat …

A new treatment, in only 25 minutes of session.

Siluet1060 plies the 1060nm wavelength diode laser, ith 4 handpieces to treat the skin with thermal energy from 42ºC to 47ºC.

With this constant temperature, it traumatizes the subcutaneous fat cells and reduces body fat in a non-invasive way. Siluet1060, has several applicators and 4 handpieces to treat multiple body parts at the same time.

Among its features, we can find:

  • Several applicators to facilitate the treatment of multiple areas.
  • 4 hand pieces.
  • Cooling by contact.
  • Treatment for 25 minutes.

Non-invasive treatment

The treatment generates a heat between 42ºC and 47ºC
thanks to the 1060nm diode laser inducing ‘Apoptosis’.

Does not damage the surface of the skin

Siluet1060 is a non-invasive laser lipolysis system of diode that is able to act on fat cells.

Does not need recovery time

The fat cells are treated with thermal energy from 42ºC to 47ºC
and they die by themselves gradually by themselves.

Treats abdomen and flanks at the same time

Our Siluet 1060 equipment has several applicators to facilitate the treatment
with 4 hand pieces to treat multiple body parts at the same time.

A team designed for you Made in Spain.

Siluet1060 is the ideal equipment to eliminate localized fat thanks to the Apoptosis mechanism.

Siluet, sculpture-hot device

The great innovation with Sapphire Siluet 1060nm

The hot sculpture device offers great advantages over its competitors. Thanks to the 1060nm diode laser system it produces a temperature of 42ºC to 47ºC for a total duration in the treatment of only 25 minutes.

”In comparison are other devices of sculpture-cold; these reduce the freezing fat at a temperature of -9 ° C and the duration of the treatment is extended to 1 hour and they can only offer the treatment to only one specific zone. In addition, these treatments can produce edema in the treated area.”

With our team Siluet 1060 the application of the treatment adjusts to several zones simultaneously, with its simple use mode: Hands-free. Ensuring that in this treatment, the skin will not suffer damage thanks to the superior contact cooling.

The great revolution thanks to our team Siluet1060

A team with the latest Sapphire technology

Say goodbye to fat. You will see the results in less than 8 weeks of treatment.

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Technical characteristics

The latest advances in technology


  • Power: 1060±20nm
  • Laser Source: Diode Laser.
  • Push Button Width: CW (continuous wave)
  • Power output: 50W for 4 pieces / 50W by diode.
  • Total energy output: 200W
  • Energy: Máx. 1.5W/cm2
  • Treatment area: 4×6 cm2
  • Electricity Required: 100-240v, 50-60Hz


  • Indicated for: Obesity, Abdomen, Sides and Thighs
  • Treatment multiple areas simultaneously
  • Treatment time: 25 minutes

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