Reduce, Mold and Eliminate…

A new treatment, a new concept.

With Kies Press24, you will stimulate the circulatory system, generating a lymphatic drainage and thus contributing to the elimination of cellulite.

The pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that uses the air pressure to perform a lymphatic drainage. It improves the oxygenation in the whole body, this effect being a great benefit in itself for the whole organism.

QPerhaps the best place to check is on the skin, whose appearance will be improved in terms of tone and firmness because the increase in oxygen in the blood increases tissue nutrition.

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Stimulates the circulatory system

The pressotherapy is a medical and aesthetic treatment that uses the air pressure to perform a lymphatic drainage.

Generates Lymphatic Drainage

With Ópphalo KiesPress 24, it improves oxygenation throughout the body, this effect being a great benefit in itself for the whole organism.

Eliminates cellulite, edema and lymphedema

Correction of alterations in the circulatory system and the possibility of eliminating cellulite, reducing it and preventing future training.

Effective for venous disorders, such as varicose veins

It also stimulates the immune system, helps lower blood pressure to patients with high levels, improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

A team designed for you Made in Spain.

Our team KiesPress24 is able to reach a maximum level of demand and perfect result.

pantalla-KiesPress-presoterapia-grupo opphalo

The six programs of the Ópphalo KiesPress team24

The great innovation in Ópphalo KiesPress24

Our team has a monitor with digital regulation, in which all the great functions are found, of this new pressotherapy system. 

Its 6 programs to choose from are ideal for all types of sessions as well as two massage modes: Wave or Sequential.

Six programs to choose from in the Ópphalo KiesPress team24

A team with the latest Ópphalo Technology

This equipment is capable of exercising, a maximum pressure of 90 mm Hg thanks to its 24 cameras in its boots…

kiespress - presoterapia - tratamiento liporeductor - grupo opphalo

Technical characteristics

The latest advances in technology


  • Supply voltage: 120 – 230 V a.c. 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum consumption: 180 VA (0,75 A a 230 V a.c.)
  • Interface: Color screen 10,4’’ Touch screen


  • Maximum pressure: 90 mm Hg
  • Number of cameras: 24
  • Treatment time: 0 – 60 min
  • Holding time: 2 – 4 – 6 seg
  • Break time: 4 – 6 – 8 seg
  • Preset programs: 6
  • Customizable programs: Sí
  • Autonomous treatments: Sí
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