The well-known naturopath Bernat Domene, has recently closed a beginning agreement with the company SAPPHIREfor the development of a joint project that will see the light in the first quarter of 2019.

SAPPHIRE sources such as Bernat himself have not wanted to reveal the content of their new project, although they wanted to qualify that it will be the development of a utility model, different from what has been marketed so far, and that will not be released until the first months of next year 2019.

Both parties are satisfied with the collaboration framework that will open from 2019 and do not spare mutual praise and is that, in fact, the success of SAPPHIRE with its star team, the diode laser for hair removal LS 1200added the credibility and the predicament of Bernat Domene in the sector so this alliance augurs new benefits for all.

In future, as the processes progress, the aesthetic community will be aware of any novelty linked to this exciting project.