The Diamond Company will be renamed ÓPPHALO

After having grown a lot since 2014, date of the first unit of the SAPPHIRE LS 1200, the best selling high-power diode laser in Spain, the diamond company has decided to change its brand and from now on it will be called ÓPPHALO.

This great growth has been accompanied by numerous recognitions and awards (Salon Look Award 2019, the Best Consolidated Company of Valladolid, the Best Business Project of Aesthetics… ) but like any human and business adventure has not been free of obstacles: difficulties with the registration of the Sapphire brand, problems of world supply of materials in the post-covid era, etc.

The company has grown, it has grown larger, it used to be a single-product company, the LS-1200 diode laser, now a group of companies with a larger portfolio of equipment and wider range of services. Together with the LS-1200 laser, the company manufactures and markets the PHOENIX 500 radiofrequency, the KIESSPRESS 24 pressotherapy, the BELLACTION DUO active physiotherapy equipment.

It offers rental services, with or without technique, for days or months; services through shops to the public; Technical Assistance Services and all this both at the national and international level.

“We are bigger, stronger and more responsible, we do not want conflicts with anyone, we have achieved a well-deserved prestige in the sector -concludes Juan Carlos Fernández, CEO of the group- although despite some and for that reason, maintaining our identity, our people and our way of doing things, the time has come to innovate also with a more inclusive brand that better defines the reality of who we are now. Today, as yesterday, as always, our priority is the people: our employees, our customers, our suppliers. For them ÓPPHALO will continue to fight and will continue to grow”